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Monocots VI - Field trips

Reserve now! Enjoy the beautiful Brazilian nature and see some remarkable monocots in the field, guided by the famous Brazilian botanists Dr. Jomar Jardim and M.Sc. Alan Roque. Reserve now your field trips! If a minimum number of participants is not reached the amount paid in Brazilian Reais (R$) will be refunded.

Guided tour to Parque das Dunas, Trilha da Peroba

The Natal Dunes Park is an important conservation unit located near the city center of Natal-RN, and is the second largest urban park in the country. It has a visitor center, where a small herbarium, a library, and playgrounds open to visitors (Bosque dos Namorados). Recognized by UNESCO as an integral part of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve, Parque das Dunas has approximately 300 species of plants, including Cattleya granulosa and Cryptanthus zonatus. The Peroba Trail, where you can observe some of these species and their interactions in a dune environment, will be covered. The end of this trail offers a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean and some interesting birds may also be seen along the way.

Coordinated by: M.Sc. Alan Roque (UFRN), botanist
Price: R$ 50.00 including travel from and to PraiaMar Hotel, admission ticket, water and snack.
Time: 07:00-12:00 am
Availability: 50 persons per day (2 days 9-10 Oct)
Recommendations: The use of closed shoes is mandatory.

APA de Jenipabu, Extremoz - RN

The Jenipabu Environmental Protection Area is a paradisiacal environment surrounded by sea, dunes and lagoons. We will find on the shores of the temporary lakes species of Cyperaceae and Poaceae, along with some Xyridaceae and Eriocaulaceae. Terrestrial orchids, bromeliads and Araceae will also be seen. Other non-monocot plants of interest seen there include several species of Lentibulariaceae.

Coordinated by: Prof. Dr. Jomar Jardim
Price: R$ 70.00 including travel from and to PraiaMar Hotel, water and snack.
Time: 07:00-12:00 am
Availability: 30 persons (this tour will be offered only once during the event, on day 11 Oct)
Recommendations: The use of closed shoes is mandatory.

Estação Ecológica do Seridó, Serra Negra do Norte – RN

Serra Negra do Norte is 330 km southwest of Natal and in the caatinga, a dry woodland habitat endemic to Brazil. Near 95% of Rio Grande do Norte is covered by this vegetation. As the month of October is the beginning of the dry season, we expect to have a nice trip to this reserve. Besides its intriguing and adapted flora (dominated mostly by Leguminosae, Cactaceae, and Bromeliaceae), several inselbergs may be seen forming this very unique landscape. It will be also a great opportunity to travel and see the small towns of the countryside, and with luck some animals, as well.

Itinerary Day one (Saturday, 13 Oct): Leaving the PraiaMar at 07:00 am to Caicó, stop there for lunch and check into the local hotel. Afternoon: our first visit to the reserve and then come back to Caicó (our base) to sleep.

Day two (Sunday, 14 Oct): After breakfast, leave the hotel, and spend the morning exploring the caatinga of the reserve. Lunch will be in Caicó and after lunch we will travel back to Natal, expected time to arrive at the PraiaMar: around 7:00 pm.

Coordinated by: Prof. Dr Jomar Jardim
Price: R$ 390.00 This price is for a shared room (2 or 3 persons). If a single room is desired, the difference will be on charge of the participant and will depend on available rooms in the hotel.
Recommendations: The use of closed shoes is mandatory for trails, hats, sunscreen, insect repellent..

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